What I Like About GoNoodle: Fifth-Grader Kendall Houston

Jan. 19, 2018

Kendall Houston

Memphis student explains what he loves about GoNoodle

A series of often silly five-minute videos played between classroom lessons is making a big difference in Tennessee elementary schools.

But what do kids think?

Better Tennessee spoke to Kendall Houston, fifth-grade student in Kristen Hehn’s class at Macon-Hall Elementary School in Memphis, to find out.

What it’s like to be a student in Ms. Hehn’s class

Kendall: We always work hard.

I like when we work in groups because it allows us to talk to our friends about what we are learning.

Ms. Hehn also rewards us when we do something well by giving us free time to talk or letting us GoNoodle.

Why it matters

Playing together gives children the chance to learn how to socialize, cooperate and share.

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What he likes most about GoNoodle breaks

Kendall: They let us get up out of our seats and dance!

We can get moving and get the energy to start our day.

Why it matters

Kids who are active have been shown to be more attentive during learning.

What his favorites are

Kendall: I really like the MooseTube channel and my favorite video is Wishy Washy Washerwoman.

It gets us moving and lets us get exercise.

Why it matters

Kids get into the habit of enjoying physical activity, which is important to maintaining good health.

What he learned while doing GoNoodle

Kendall: I’ve made new friends and talked to people in my class that I might not normally talk to.

I’ll stand next to someone I might not usually stand next to and notice that we are doing the same moves.

It’s cool to see that we’re more alike than I knew we were.

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