Top 5 GoNoodle Success Stories

Apr. 26, 2017

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Five Tennessee teachers answer: What’s the biggest success you had with GoNoodle in this year?

GoNoodle has had a big impact on Tennessee schools, with in-class brain breaks sparking activity in more than 1,000 Tennessee schools.

So Better Tennessee asked Tennessee teachers:

What’s the biggest success you had with GoNoodle in the classroom during the 2016-2017 school year?

We got so many great responses, it was hard to choose our five favorites (though we eventually did and you can read those below).

Thanks to everyone who reached out and shared a story!

Amberly Sandberg

2nd grade
Erma Siegel Elementary

Favorite GoNoodle activity: Moose Tube’s “Go Bananas”

We have some pretty high-energy boys and girls this year. When my response to intervention (RTI) class worked particularly hard on pronouns one day, I let them dance through Blazer Fresh’s “Read with Expression” video.

We have been working on reading with expression all year, and this video is a favorite.  

Afterwards, a student requested PopSeeKo 2.0.

All 24 of my second grade RTI students proceeded to PopSeeKo right along. I was shocked! There were smiles all around and lots of laughter.

This was a big deal because a few students in this group of kids are new to our school and tend to act “too cool” for anything we do.

One of those boys turned out to be the most enthusiastic PopSeeKo-er of all!

I asked him if he did PopSeeKo at his old school, and he grinned really big and said, “YES! It was my teacher’s favorite!”

He went on to tell me his favorite (“The Sticky Waffles one!” he said, which is Milkshake by Koo Koo Kangaroo), so I told him if he worked hard tomorrow like he did today, we would do it.

We had a deal, and he came through.

I am so glad to have GoNoodle to create moments for kids to have time to wiggle, to get rewarded for good work, and for a child who is new to our school have the opportunity to dance right along with old friends like Koo Koo Kangaroo.

Amanda Spencer

2nd grade
Gene Brown Elementary

Favorite GoNoodle activity: Yoga with Maximo

I can’t say enough about how much GoNoodle has helped our end of the day routine.

For a good portion of the year, it was busy and chaotic. I hated that I felt my kids were leaving and not getting a chance to take a minute to relax and reflect on our day together.

That has totally changed with yoga on GoNoodle.

After we pack up, we take the time to do a yoga break before leaving. I told my kids to use this time to take some deep breaths, stretch their muscles and think about their day.

I can see the difference when they walk out of the classroom — they seem happier, and it helps make that transition time go so much more smoothly.

Kirstie Hensley

4th grade
Roy Waldron Elementary

Favorite GoNoodle activity: Koo Koo Kangaroo’s Milkshake

My school is Title 1 and most of our students are economically disadvantaged. We also have a high population of English language learners, some who come straight from their native countries not speaking any English.

When I turn on GoNoodle, they are engaged!

It takes some time for them to completely understand what is happening, but it’s clear from the start that they love it. I use GoNoodle to keep all my kids active during transitions or indoor recess, and I’ve noticed they retain information better when they are active.

GoNoodle also acts as a bridge between school and home.

Students go home, tell their families about it and use it there. I can’t tell you how many parents I have had come to me and say their child can remember multiplication facts easier because of Freeze It, or that they are better readers because of Blazer Fresh.

It makes my heart happy to know that there is a program we have access to that keeps my students learning in and out of the classroom. 

Rebecca Poling

4th grade
Christenberry Elementary

Favorite GoNoodle activity: Purple Stew

Our class uses GoNoodle every single day. We use it as a warmup some days to practice math fact fluency, and we also use it for exercise. 

With the new Tennessee recess law — second through sixth graders are required to get 160 minutes of physical activity per week — GoNoodle makes it possible to get moving when it’s rainy or too cold.

I also use it as an award.

One of the coupons my students can earn is to be the GoNoodle Manager for the day. They love picking what videos we’ll watch and move to, and if they’re really lucky they get to pick our new Champ if we level up.

As a teacher, every day is different, but GoNoodle is something I know all my students look forward to.

Miranda Stepp

1st grade
Dodson Branch Elementary

Favorite GoNoodle activity: Koo Koo Kangaroo

I have a student who struggles academically, and it’s always been difficult to motivate him to be physically active. But after using GoNoodle in my class every day, I started to see him learning and moving. It was so powerful.

Since then, this student has become so engaged with GoNoodle that I’ve been able to use it as a motivational piece during reading and math.

When he works hard, he gets to pick the next video or champion.

When we earn the champion, I print the certificate for him to keep, which he thinks is pretty awesome.

If I forget our daily GoNoodle time, he reminds me, and he never complains about getting up and moving during his brain break. He even asked to do GoNoodle at Home and gives us recommendations on which video to use in our class!

Because of this story and many others, I continue to believe in the power of GoNoodle and enjoy sharing with my colleagues what a difference it has made in my classroom.