Fitness & Obesity Awareness

  1. Forces at Play: Exploring the intuitive design of the upcoming BlueCross Healthy Place at David Carnes Park in Memphis

  2. Step Outside: 5 places to embrace the outdoors in Tennessee cities

  3. Good Sports: BlueCross volunteers and Nashville Predators partner to connect with kids in the community

  4. Walking in Memphis: How the built environment affects health: Q&A with Church Health’s Jenny Bartlett-Prescott

  5. Pedal Power: A bike share program in Memphis does more for riders than improve their health

  6. Obesity Quiz: Test your knowledge and learn what Tennesseans are doing to stop the epidemic

  7. Breaking the Cycle: Honest conversations and practical tips allow Journey for Health to change lives

  8. When Cupboards Are Bare: A conversation with Gina Crumbliss, Chattanooga Area Food Bank President & CEO

  9. A Healthier Tennessee in Action: Healthier Tennessee helps get people active, tobacco-free and eating healthy