Child’s Play in the Kitchen

Apr. 22, 2015

A photograph of Child’s Play in the Kitchen

Pink and Dude Chefs teaches kids to prepare healthy food

It’s time for a taste of success.

Pink and Dude Chefs, a culinary program for middle-school students in Middle Tennessee, teaches kids how to create nutritious meals and snacks while learning kitchen safety techniques.

Directed by the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, the program is offered through Bethlehem Centers of Nashville and the YMCA’s Community Action Project (Y-CAP).

Throughout the two-month program, this next generation of master chefs will slice, dice and chop as they learn to prepare a table full of delicious and wholesome dishes that run the gamut of cuisines — anything from stir-fries to yogurt pies.

“The kids are so engaged and energized about being hands-on in the kitchen that they share responsibilities and work well together,” says Amanda Fuller, Y-CAP instructor and volunteer for Pink and Dude Chefs.

“It is clear that they are learning more than just cooking.”

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