Infographic: Prescription Opioid Abuse In Tennessee

Oct. 28, 2016

state of the state: prescription opioid abuse graphic

Examining the prescription painkiller epidemic in Tennessee

Prescription opioid abuse is now the No. 1 form of substance abuse in Tennessee.
graphic saying 1 in 6 Tennesseans estimated to be misusing or abusing opioids or in treatment
50% of kids in state custody are there due to parental drug use
Drug-related crimes increased by 33% 2005-2012
55% of people using prescription drugs recreationally got them from a friend or relative

The astounding cost of opioid abuse in Tennessee

opioids have cost Tennessee $155.2 million in lost productivity
$27.9 million Estimated health care cost for prescription opioid poisoning, a 600% increase in 10 years
$45.6 million Cost for state to meet needs of people at or below the poverty level who want treatment

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