Our top priority is your health

Health insurance may be what we offer, but promoting personal wellness is who we are.

As a mission-driven organization, we’re committed to a healthier life for every person, family and community we serve.

But our mission doesn’t stop with better health — we want to provide peace of mind through better health because that’s what everyone really needs to live a healthy, happy life. 

One way we’re improving health is through BlueCross Healthy Places: outdoor spaces where children and communities can share and play together. Click the photos to learn more.

Serving more people, families and communities

We serve more people than any other health insurance provider in Tennessee — more than half the state’s population.

Thousands of our employees work together across the state to make an impact on health, right here in Tennessee.

  • Our 6,000 employees
  • Serve 3.5 million members
  • And more than 11,000 Tennessee employers trust us to provide the right health plans for their employees

Care that’s personal and personalized

BlueCross members get extra support when they need it, free of charge.

Care managers can help with chronic health conditions, mobility issues, mental health needs, scheduling appointments and even transportation.

Health care can be complicated. We can help make it easier.

Caring for you

  • We have nearly 900 nurses on staff working directly with members and advocating for their health care needs.
  • Care managers focus on disease prevention and support services, specializing in everything from diabetes to heart disease
  • To become a care manager, nurses must have 5 years of clinical experience

His first call

When Charles Henderson, a member from Nashville, signed the lease on his apartment, the first person he called wasn’t a family member — it was his BlueCross care coordinator, Kelly Hutchison.

“I never had a person in my corner like that before,” Charles says. “I wanted to share my good news with Kelly,”

Last spring, Charles was in bad shape — he had been homeless for more than a year. Read Charles’ story here or watch the video below.

A number of ways we’re right here for good

A BCBST phone operator speaking with a co-worker

We’ve served 10 million families and individuals since our founding — more than any other health insurer in Tennessee.

Our customer service representatives

  • Help 50+ members each day with their benefits
  • Make more than 250 calls each week to stay in touch with members who need support, advice or just someone to listen

In her role as a consumer expert, Nikki White talks to members who have questions or concerns about their dental plans, benefits and claims.

“When you’re explaining benefits or going over a claim, that personal interaction is so much easier to understand than just getting a piece of paper in the mail.”


As an insurer, our #1 priority is your health and providing you with financial peace of mind.

We work hard to make sure our claims process runs smoothly, quickly, and with as little work for you as possible.

“Just Brittany”

Customer care representative Brittany Fields knows the members she helps well — and they know her.

“One of our retired members once called me and asked if I’d review a claim he’d mailed,” Brittany remembers. “I said of course and asked, ‘Who did you address the mail to?’”

His reply? “Just Brittany.”

Brittany spent three days tracking down the claims documentation, and in the end, she was able to save that member $13,000. Read her story to find out how.

Brittany is dedicated to getting to the bottom of members’ concerns, even when it means devoting several days or weeks to one particular member.