Economic Impact

Why being right here matters

By being located right here in Tennessee, we create jobs, boost household incomes and pay taxes that impact communities across the state.

That makes us different from other insurers because the money, stability and economic activity we generate stay right here in Tennessee.

3 ways we help Tennessee’s economy

A economic impact study from the University of Tennessee found that in 2017 we were responsible for:

  • 18,043 jobs, which generate
  • $1.6 billion in income and
  • $368 million in tax revenue, which helps support services across the state

In 2019, we paid $450 million in local, state and federal taxes.

TeamBlue volunteers helped build the BlueCross Healthy Place at David Carnes Park in Memphis

Serving individuals, families and communities

We serve more people than any other health insurance provider in Tennessee — more than half the state’s population. Our first commitment is to our 3.4 million members.

As Tennessee’s largest health plan, we provide benefits to

  • thousands of companies and work with
  • 29,000 network providers to pay
  • $16 billion in claims per year 

Working better together

  • We employ 6,800 people at 6 offices — and more than half our employees are full-time telecommuters
  • We generate 12,000 additional jobs in the state

Boosting the economy

We increase economic activity through what we pay our employees right here in Tennessee.

  • We spend $300 million on goods and services, such as software and office supplies
  • Economists at UT estimate that all of this activity produces an additional $714.6 million in income for Tennesseans

To learn more about how we spend our money right here in Tennessee, click here.